Dalai Lama’s Commentary on Peace

We cannot achieve world peace Without first achieving peace Within ourselves…. Inner Peace. In an atmosphere of Hatred,anger, competition, And Violence, No lasting Peace Can be Achieved. These negative and destructive Forces must be overcome by Compassion, Love, and Altruism, Which are the essential teaching of The Buddha.

Dalai Lama’s Commentary on Forgiveness

It would be much more constructive If people tried to understand their supposed enemies. Learning to forgive Is much more useful Than merely picking up A stone and Throwing it at the object Of one’s anger, the more so when The provocation is extreme For it is under the greatest adversity that there exists The

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Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Wheels

  Bone Prayer Wheel   Prayer wheels are as much  used  as meditation tools as well as a means of generating and spreading positive energy.  Used for centuries in the Tibetan culture, the hand held versions are used as personal devotional items while the larger ones are used around Buddhist stupas and in monasteries.  Filled

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